Mission statement

The new tennis training center in Burgenland gives tennis players a complete offering, allowing them to travel the path from beginner to professional while staying in Burgenland.

Academy Director Wolfgang Thiem and his team have developed a six-pillar concept to implement the philosophy of the Burgenland Tennis Academy.

The six-pillar


Tennis training


Wolfgang Thiem is in charge of the talent development from Burgenland, Austria and abroad. Indoor hard courts and outdoor clay courts allow training on different surfaces. Accompanying measures like fitness training, physiotherapy and mental coaching in the on-site fitness and conference facilities ensure optimal training The boarding school on the Academy grounds provides the perfect conditions and creates an all-in-one sports campus for aspiring tennis professionals.

Conditioning & fitness training


Under the management of sports scientist and CEO of Sport Burgenland GmbH Anton Beretzki, the cadre players receive complete general and tennis-specific physical conditioning. Tests based on medicine of sports and sports science, the support of sports psychologists and regenerative measures complete the offering.

Tournament support


Experienced touring coaches accompany and support the athletes at selected national and
international competitions. This essential service is already included in the training package of the Burgenland Tennis Academy and provides the perfect tournament support at an unprecedented price-quality ratio.



We brought on BSSM Oberschützen as the optimal school partner to enable a dual-track education and training of the young talent. The Burgenland Tennis Academy maintains a close collaboration with the BSSM, allowing it to provide an exceptional training offering. Blocked schooling (academy players will attend face-to-face classes 4 days per week and homeschooling in accommodation 1 day per week). , learning packages, time off for tournament travel give the players the opportunity to be internationally competitive – a NOVUM in the Austrian sport/school system. This type of schooling /education allows the upcoming talent to have an additional 1-2 training units per week.



The already existing infrastructure of the Sporthotel Kurz guarantees the accommodation of the athletes directly on the academy grounds – The All-In-One Sports Campus. In the future, the Academy players will be supported on site by trained social educators and will be housed in the hotel rooms of the Kurz Sports Hotel in Oberpullendorf. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be offered as buffets. The spa and fitness area is open to the players.



The outstanding training package of the Burgenland Training Academy is rounded off by the partnership with smarthlete. Academy players who prefer not to take the jump into professional tennis after graduating from school have the possibility to receive a scholarship to a US college. Academy partner smarthlete, headed by Yannik Weihs, takes care of all the organizational tasks.

Lola Feher spielt eine Vorhand unter Aufsicht von Akademietrainer Sebastian Beutel

This six-pillar model was specifically developed to promote tennis players from the age of 15 in order to provide them with the best possible support on their journey towards becoming tennis professionals. For the under-14, a concept was developed in conjunction with the Burgenland Tennis Association BTV to ensure their later entry into competitive tennis at the Burgenland Tennis Academy.

Drei junge Tennisspieler unterhalten sich
U14 Concept

In collaboration with the BTV

To ensure an early start in competitive tennis, a concept was developed in cooperation with the Burgenland Tennis Association, inviting and accepting young tennis talents from the age of 6 at screening events.

The young BTV-Kids squad players receive additional training once a week at regional tennis centers, in addition to their club training, and once a quarter at the Burgenland Performance Center in Oberpullendorf during squad training sessions.

From the age of 10, the range of services is expanded and the talents can be admitted to the Burgenland Tennis Academy.

The intensity and scope of training are increased and professionally planned.

Training at the academy is increased to twice a week, both on-site in Oberpullendorf or at a regional training center with association coaches.

In addition to academy training, players also train with their club coach at least twice a week to coordinate development and progress. Regular technique and conditioning checks complete the training program.

The exchange and training planning are accompanied and monitored by the sports director Wolfgang Thiem and head coach Pascal Brunner.

Furthermore, joint tournament trips to national and international tournaments are organized and accompanied by association coaches.