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Mission & Vision

The new tennis training center in Burgenland gives tennis players a complete offering, allowing them to travel the path from beginner to professional while staying in Burgenland.

The goal of the Burgenland Tennis Academy is to train and support talented youths from Burgenland, Austria and abroad on their path to becoming competitive athletes.

Tennis training using the latest training methods

Wolfgang Thiem and his team of coaches turn the Academy players into professionals and ensure the professional and quality implementation of the training philosophy of the Burgenland Tennis Academy.

Dual-track training system – school and competitive sport

Blocked schooling (academy players will attend 4 days per week of face-to-face classes and 1 day per week of homeschooling in accommodation), learning packages, time off for tournament travel give players the opportunity to be internationally competitive – a NOVUM in the Austrian sport/school system.

Niklas Pomper trainiert mit Headcoach Pascal Brunner am Tennisplatz



In everything we do, we are fully convinced that we make our players a little better each day. We believe in shaping the players every day as persons and as athletes for their future careers.



We help athletes rediscover their limits every day and surpass them in a controlled environment.



With the right technique, dedication, precision and hard work, it is just a matter of time before the players achieve SUCCESS.



Through Sport Burgenland GmbH, Burgenland is in charge of the execution and management of the Burgenland Tennis Academy project. The Kurz Sports Hotel provides the infrastructure.

Wolfgang Thiem will direct the Tennis Academy with his years of experience and his international know-how. Targeted collaborations with the BTV and the ATC enable young and ambitious tennis players aged 15 and above to integrate the Burgenland Tennis Academy and benefit from an all-inclusive training.