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The Tennis Academy Burgenland pushes a close cooperation with the BSSM Oberschützen and thus ensures an excellent training offer.

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We brought on BSSM Oberschützen as the optimal school partner to enable a dual-track education and training of the young talent. The Burgenland School & Sport Model (bssm, Burgenländisches Schule & Sport Modell) offers ambitious young athletes the possibility to perfectly combine their sporting career with their school education.

Blocked schooling (academy players will attend face-to-face classes 4 days per week and homeschooling in accommodation 1 day per week). , learning packages, time off for tournament travel give the players the opportunity to be internationally competitive – a NOVUM in the Austrian sport/school system.

This type of schooling /education allows the upcoming talent to have an additional 1-2 training units per week.